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Czech Republic

With the second highest GDP per capita in the region, low unemployment levels and low inflation, economically speaking, the Czech Republic has nearly caught up with some of the original members of the EU.

The country’s skilled workforce is equal in quality to those of Western European countries, while the attractive domestic market and a favourable geographic location at the heart of Europe make the Czech Republic one of the most-attractive destinations for investors interested in high-quality production capabilities or logistic centre development. The most attractive sectors of the Czech economy are the automotive industry, business process centres, state-of-the-art technologies as well as R&D resources.

Our market and marketing research services in the Czech Republic

Research PMR offers a wide range of research services in the Czech Republic, including research into pharmaceutical and medical markets and new technologies industries. The team has experience in conducting consumer research, including customer service quality analysis (e.g. mystery shopping), consumer behaviour studies and target group research. In addition, we carry out product tests, price tests and advertising concept tests. We also perform market and industry research covering estimation of market size, identification of key players and trends, development of forecasts and target group research.

General data

78,866 km²

10.5 million
Official language:

Ethnic groups:
81.1% Czechs, 13.2% Moravians,
0.4% Silesians, 3.1% Slovaks,
0.5% Germans, 0.3% Roms,
0.6% Poles, 0.8% other

National boundaries:
Austria 632 km, Germany 646 km,
Poland 796 km, Slovakia 215 km
Czech koruna (CZK)

Time zone:
GMT +1

Area code:

Internet domain:

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