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Marketing research

Knowledge of the customer and the product and its strengths and key selling points is crucial to taking strategic action at a company. Any such action requires the contribution and support of the marketing department. Marketing, in turn, needs customer feedback, which can be provided by marketing research. Thanks to Voice of Customer analyses, one can make decisions and take actions confident that we have customer needs in mind. Marketing research also enables an assessment of the efficiency of a company’s marketing activities.

Marketing research supplements studies focused on products and functional aspects of products, and the entire product portfolio or service offering. Customers’ decisions are seldom based on analytical comparison of technical parameters of products. A material factor influencing customer behaviour, including their purchasing decisions, is the customer’s perception of a given brand or even of the entire company.

Corporate image research

A material factor influencing customers’ purchasing decisions is the image of the company itself. Research techniques can be used to help verify customers’ opinions on your company and empower you to take appropriate action.

Corporate Image Research

Brand research

A product’s strength is often determined by its brand’s image and message. Research is vital for knowing and understanding how customers perceive the brand and how to strengthen it or highlight certain aspects to increase sales.

Brand Research

Copy testing

Advertisement concept tests (both ATL and BTL), as well as the measurement of the visibility and degree of recall of advertising campaigns is invaluable in the strategic decision-making process.

Copy Testing

Website testing

Both websites under development and existing websites need to be tested to find out whether they address customer needs. Surveys carried out among target website users help to ensure a website delivers against its stated objectives and helps to strengthen the company’s image and brand.

Website Testing