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Greece has a market-driven economy. There is a mix of industrial and agricultural, with a large contribution also coming from the services sector (predominately tourism, transit movement and retail trading). Tourism is one of the pillars of the country’s economy, contributing 15% of GDP. Greece is visited by approximately five million tourists annually. The food industry is the country’s fastest-growing sector, with it being best known for its large-scale production of wines, olive oil, tobacco, fruit preserves and fish preserves. Greek has the world’s third-largest merchant fleet, although, when factoring in those ships that are registered elsewhere but operated by Greek shipowners, it can be said that Greece has the largest merchant fleet in the world. Seaways are crucial to the Greek economy, with 89% of the country’s exports being transported by this mode of transport.

Our market and marketing research services in Greece

Research PMR offers a full range of research services for the Greek market. We have experience in conducting market research projects, including market and industry analysis comprising identification of key players and their market shares, an overview of the competitive environment, forecasting of market size and specification of the distribution network structure. Marketing research, including brand and image research and copy tests, as well as consumer research, such as customer satisfaction and loyalty studies, and target group research.

PMR clients planning to invest in the Balkan region often require information and insight for multiple markets. In these cases, PMR draws upon its experience of implementing international projects and conducting concurrent research studies in multiple markets to provide a comprehensive end-to-end research service.

General data

131,957 km²
11.4 million
Official language:
Ethnic groups:
98% Greeks, 2% other
National boundaries:
Albania 282 km, Bulgaria 494 km,
Turkey 206 km, Macedonia 246 km
Euro (EUR)
Time zone:
GMT +2
Area code:
Internet domain:

Other countries:

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