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After the Velvet Divorce from the Czech Republic in the early 1990s, Slovakia was generally perceived to be a country with weak prospects for sustained economic growth. Despite this perception, Slovakia has maintained robust economic growth and today, the country is ranked fourth in the CEE region in terms of GDP generation. Slovakia is committed to investing in infrastructure and was quick to introduce a flat tax rate of 19% – a development that has been instrumental in attracting large numbers of investors. Areas of the Slovak economy that are currently of particular interest to foreign investors are the machinery and precise engineering, automotive industry, metallurgy and metal processing, electronics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, R&D, technology centres and business process outsourcing (BPO).

Our market and marketing research services in Slovakia

Research PMR has amassed extensive experience of providing research services for the Slovak market. We can deliver market analysis, in particular identification of key market players and prospective competitors, analysis of factors stimulating or impeding market growth and research of distribution channels. We also have experience in conducting marketing research in Slovakia, such as brand and image research, and copy tests (advertising concepts and advertising campaign effectiveness studies). We also carry out consumer behaviour studies and customer satisfaction and loyalty studies. We also perform product research, such as product concept testing and price testing.

General data

49,036 km²

5.4 million


Official language:
Ethnic groups:
80.7% Slovaks, 8.5% Hungarians,
2% Romanians, 8.8% other

National boundaries:
Poland 541 km, Ukraine 97 km
Hungary 676 km,
Czech Republic 215 km,
Austria 91 km

Euro (adopted on 1 January)

Time zone:
GMT +1

Area code:

Internet domain:

Other countries:

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