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Packaged industrial gases - customer segmentation study in the Czech Republic and Poland

  • Industry

    Industrial production

  • Geographical coverage

    Czech Republic, Poland

  • Client type

    Industrial gases producer

Research Project - industrial production

Client's need

Packaged industrial gases have been in existence for over a hundred years. There have been changes over the last few years and new types of cylinders are emerging. Some new designs and innovations are being developed and our client – as the market leader – was one of the companies to invest in these new technologies and introduce them into the market. The key question was how to support the launching with relevant knowledge and eliminate potential barriers in implementation.

Our deliverables

To be able to meet all research objectives we used a combined methodology approach. The research project consisted of 3 stages:

1. Qualitative interviews to understand key drivers of purchase and consumptions patterns, as well as evaluating new product concepts and gathering opinions on several of the product’s aspects
We conducted 20 in-depth interviews per country with decision makers and users. Interviews were supported by visuals provided by a website (in the case of phone interviews) or printed materials (during face-to-face interviews).

2. Testing sessions to identify the best way for implementation of innovation
33 sessions in Poland and 26 sessions in the Czech Republic were conducted, during which users assessed different product options and shared their opinions and preferences.

3. Quantitative study to measure the strength of drivers and barriers and prepare customers segmentation
Using CAWI we conducted n=408 interviews in Poland (among the client’s customers and competitors’ customers) and n=294 interviews in Czech Republic (client’s customers only). Customers segmentation was based on conjoint value analysis.

Value for the client

We estimated market potential for new products, described customers’ preferences and identified customer segments which are the most attractive for the client with regards to the new solution. Thanks to the research findings we have provided the client with business information support for the integration of innovation and implementation into the market.

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