Research PMR Services

Data solutions

Research PMR data solutions support the creation, implementation and monitoring of corporate strategy and its execution while minimising information acquisitions costs.

  • What is the situation of my company’s competitive environment?
  • How are the market trends changing?
  • Do my strategic decisions reflect the surrounding business reality?
  • Are any unexpected changes taking place in or around my organization that might force a change in its corporate strategy?

Data solutions consists in regular provision of high-quality economic data and information necessary for the ongoing monitoring of the business environment. PMR’s experience and expertise in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe have equipped it to efficiently and rationally select and design key indicators for individual sectors. We improve companies’ profitability by minimising their economic data acquisition costs. We also offer preparation of high-quality analyses based on these data, to help build efficient business strategies and monitor their implementation. Data solutions make it possible to avoid costly mistakes caused by failure to take into account sudden changes in the organisation’s environment when taking operational, tactical or strategic decisions.

The biggest value added offered by PMR is its work in searching, selecting and, where necessary, developing key economic indicators as well as their appropriate transformation and harmonisation. In this way our client obtains a set of comparable data and information in the most usable form.

Our offering

We base our services first of all on ensuring we have an in-depth understanding of our clients’ needs as regards business environment analysis, and we then confront these needs with our expertise in terms of the availability of information in a given market area. On this basis we prepare a proposal which takes into account all current and possible future factors influencing the client, and the wherewithal to obtain necessary information or data.

The range of data we can offer includes:

  • PMR Key Indicators.
  • Data facilitating risk analysis and monitoring on regional, national and market levels.
  • Sector-level data identifying trends and changes in them.
  • Financial data on competitors, standardised for ease of comparison.
  • Data concerning clients (e.g. brand perception) or consumer spending.
  • Any other data necessary for effective monitoring of competition activity and market trends.

We offer the benefits of synergies between our Consulting, Research and Publications divisions, whereby different approaches to the analyses performed come to focus in one comprehensive product. The uniqueness of our offer lies in our ability to cover diverse data acquisition methods: from gathering data from publicly available sources to interviews with experts or dedicated market research.

How do we deliver

Data sources:

  • Our own ongoing market research.
  • Research customised to meet the needs of a particular client – conducted on an ongoing basis. We provide assistance in understanding cyclical data needs, develop the necessary methodology, and set up an efficient data delivery mechanism.
  • Original sources (both in Poland and in other countries): government institutions, statistical offices, international organisations, stock exchanges, research institutes and others.

Delivered data format:
  • An Excel file with visualisations best supporting the analyses of individual indicators. Upon prior agreement we also deliver data in other formats.
  • The uniform data format (.csv or .txt, as needed) facilitates import of appropriate information to the client’s own analytic systems.