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During the last decade, Albania has been the fastest-developing country in the Central and Eastern European region. In recent years, the country has benefitted from a more stable political climate and this has prompted foreign investors to expand their operations in the country. In addition, the Albanian government is trying to attract foreign investors and promote domestic investments through the rationalisation and consistent implementation of commerce laws, increased transparency of trade procedures, restructuring of the fiscal system, anti-corruption measures and efforts to resolve property-ownership disputes. Albania also has much to offer in key areas such as power, tourism, mining, textiles and agriculture. In addition, Albania offers considerable potential as a location for business process outsourcing (BPO) centres.

Our market and marketing research services in Albania

PMR can deliver the following research services for the Albanian market: market analysis, in particular the identification of key market players and prospective competitors, an analysis of the factors stimulating or impeding market growth and research of distribution channels. We also deliver consumer research projects, such as the study of consumer behaviour (e.g. studies of eating or shopping habits and target group research).

PMR clients planning to invest in the Balkan region often require information and insight for multiple markets. In these cases, PMR draws upon its experience of implementing international projects and conducting concurrent research studies in multiple markets to provide a comprehensive end-to-end research service.

General data

28,748 km²

2.8 million


Official language:

Ethnic groups:
Albanians 98.6%, Greeks 1.2%,
other 0.2%

National boundaries:
Greece 282 km, Macedonia 151 km,
Montenegro 173 km, Kosovo 114 km

Albanian lek (ALL)

Time zone:
GMT +1

Area code:

Internet domain:

Other countries:

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