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From the 1990s until the onset of the global economic crisis In the Croatian economy had been growing steadily, at an average annual rate of 4%. Despite the adverse effects of the economic downturn (such as a decline in GDP), experts expect the country to experience a return to economic growth in the near future.

Croatia offers investors various benefits, including legislation harmonised with the Community acquis (Croatia is a candidate member of the European Union) and a skilled, well-educated workforce. The country has many industrial production industries that are considered highly appealing by investors. These include electrical engineering, pharmaceuticals, textiles, food processing, chemicals, machinery and equipment manufacturing, shipbuilding and telecommunications equipment.

Our market and marketing research services in Croatia

Research PMR offers a wide range of research services for the Croatian market. We have experience in conducting consumer- focussed research projects, such as brand awareness and brand positioning studies, consumer behaviour studies (e.g. usage and attitude), as well as product tests and advertising concept tests. In addition, we perform market and industry analysis covering distribution channel analysis and target group research. We also offer B2B research, including business partner satisfaction studies and competitive analysis.

PMR clients planning to invest in the Balkan region often require information and insight for multiple markets. In these cases, PMR draws upon its experience of implementing international projects and conducting concurrent research studies in multiple markets to provide a comprehensive end-to-end research service.

General data

56,594 km²

4.29 million

Official language:

Ethnic groups:
89.6% Croats, 4.5% Serbs,
5.9% other

National boundaries:
Bosnia and Herzegovina 932 km,
Hungary 329 km, Serbia 241 km,
Montenegro 25 km, Slovenia 455 km
Croatian kuna (HRK)

Time zone:
GMT +1

Area code:

Internet domain:

Other countries:

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