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As would be expected from the world’s ninth-largest country by size of population and the eleventh-largest in terms of GDP, Russia offers a wealth of investment opportunities in a wide variety of sectors, both in its domestic market and in the markets of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). It is seen as an attractive country for the location of production and services centres, and research and development labs for foreign companies. Despite some of the attractive features of the Russian market and economy, investors accustomed to the western way of business will find Russia to be different to what they have previously experienced. Although in many ways the Soviet era is now a distant memory, the country’s economy is still largely controlled by the state or through companies that are dependent on privileges assigned by the state. At the same time, sensitive sectors, such as the arms industry or mineral mining, are either completely inaccessible to non-Russian investors or permit foreign investors to hold only minority shares.

Our market and marketing research services in Russia

Research PMR has experience in conducting various types of research projects in the Russian market. We carry out marketing research, including usage and attitude studies, product concept testing and advertising campaign testing. We also perform product research, such as product segmentation, price testing and concept testing. Furthermore, our competencies in the Russian market include market analysis carried out using our proprietary dedicated PMR Market Insight methodology. Market analysis includes estimation of market size, identification of key players and their market shares, forecasting of market size, specification of the distribution structure and providing an overview of the legal and competitive environment.

General data

17.075 million km²

143 million


Official language:

Ethnic groups:
80% Russians, 3.8% Tatars,
1.5% Ukrainians, 0.8% Armenians,
13.9% other

National boundaries:
North Korea 19 km, China 3645 km,
Mongolia 3485 km,
Kazakhstan 6846 km,
Azerbaijan 284 km, Georgia 723 km,
Ukraine 1576 km, Belarus 959 km,
Latvia 217 km, Estonia 294 km,
Finland 1340 km, Norway 196 km,
Poland 232 km, Lithuania 227 km

Russian ruble (RUB)

Time zone:
from GMT +3 to GMT +12

Area code:

Internet domain:

Other countries:

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