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Employee satisfaction research

Business managers should not only be concerned with customer relations. One of the key factors determining a company’s market success is well and strongly motivated staff. Employee research is an element of a broader system aimed at obtaining staff feedback on a company’s condition.

  • What is the level of staff satisfaction?
  • What is the level of staff commitment?
  • What should be done to improve the level of staff satisfaction and commitment?

Employee satisfaction surveys performed by external researchers provide a whole new perspective on the company’s strengths and weaknesses. Very often a company’s very organisational structure prevents it from obtaining direct staff feedback on the way in which it operates. By bringing in an external research firm and informing the staff about the goals of the study, a company may encourage the employees to open up and share more information on the actual state of affairs.

Our offering

A standard employee satisfaction study aims to evaluate the atmosphere in the workplace, the remuneration system in place (not only financial) and the information flow and development opportunities. The end product of such a study is a report which, in addition to providing quantitative staff satisfaction and commitment data, identifies the organisational areas which require initiatives designed to enhance satisfaction. It also points to factors generating specific results, both in terms of employees’ satisfaction and commitment.

How do we deliver

As a first step, we hold workshops together with the client and its employees, prepare a study map and identify key areas affecting the level of staff satisfaction and commitment. At the second stage, we undertake quantitative assessment, taking care to ensure the confidentiality of results and the anonymity of respondents.