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A member of the EU since, Romania has come a long way since its days as a communist, centrally planned economy and today, the country employs a market-based system. Being the second-largest country from the CEE region to achieve EU membership status, Romania offers a wide variety of investment opportunities in many sectors, including metal processing, business process outsourcing (BPO), food production, chemical industry, timber industry, automotive industry, construction, mechanical engineering and renewable energy resources. In addition, Romania’s well-developed industrial sector means there is easy access to an extensive pool of local suppliers of high-quality components for further processing.

Our market and marketing research services in Romania

Experience which Research PMR has gained in the Romanian market includes a wide array of research projects, such as standard consumer research projects, including studies of eating and shopping habits and target group research. We also perform product research, such as prototype testing and price, as well as marketing research: brand and image research and copy tests. We also provide B2B research, including business partner satisfaction studies and competition studies. In addition, we perform market and industry analysis covering estimation of market size, identification of key players and their market shares, forecasting of market size, specification of the product distribution structure and an overview of the competitive and legal environment.

General data

237,500 km²

21.4 million


Official language:

Ethnic groups:
89.5% Romanians, 6.6% Hungarians,
2.5% Roms, 0.3% Ukrainians,
0.3% Germans, 0.2% Russians,
0.2% Turks, 0.4% other

National boundaries:
Ukraine 531 km, Moldova 450 km,
Bulgaria 608 km, Serbia 476 km,
Hungary 443 km

Romanian leu (RON)

Time zone:
GMT +2

Area code:

Internet domain:

Other countries:

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