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Even under communist rule, Slovenia was an exception in the region – it had an economy that was relatively open to Western trends and a well-developed industrial sector. As such, the country was well positioned to succeed after declaring itself independent from Yugoslavia. Slovenia is currently the most affluent country in the CEE region in terms of GDP per capita and has many strong local companies, in particular in the pharmaceutical industry. Not only does the country have a strong track record of attracting foreign investment but it also exports capital. Slovenia was the first of the CEE countries to adopt the euro, doing so. This has helped mitigate risk for foreign investors and has also helped the Slovenian economy achieve smooth integration with the neighbouring Austrian, German and Italian economies.

Our market and marketing research services in Slovenia

Research PMR offers a full range of research services for the Slovenian market. We have experience in conducting various types of research projects, including consumer behaviour research (shopping and eating habits), customer service quality analysis (e.g. mystery shopping projects) and distribution channel analysis. In addition, we carry out product research, such as product concept tests, price tests and product segmentation. We also perform market and industry analysis which we carry out using our PMR’s proprietary methodology PMR Market Insight. Market analysis includes estimation of market size, identification of key market players and their market shares, forecasting of market size, specification of product distribution networks and an overview of the legal and competitive environment.

General data

20,273 km²

2.01 million

Official language:

Ethnic groups:
83.1% Slovenes, 2% Serbs,
1.8% Croats, 1.1% Bosniaks,
12% others

National boundaries:
Austria 330 km, Hungary 102 km,
Croatia 455 km, Italy 232 km

Euro (adopted on 1 January)

Time zone:
GMT +1

Area code:

Internet domain:

Other countries:

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