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Behavior of Polish consumers in the car wash market

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    Car Wash Equipment Manufacturer

Client's need

A company operating in the car wash market commissioned us to conduct a study on the behavior of Polish consumers in terms of using car washes. Additionally, the client wanted to examine their brand’s position on the market in relation to competing companies, and to find out where to direct the brand’s long-term strategy.

Our deliverables

PMR completed a two-stage study:

  • A cross-sectional online survey, aimed at showing the overall picture of the car wash market in Poland
  • PAPI interviews with consumers directly after they visited a car wash. This stage was aimed at complementing and deepening the findings from the online survey.

Value for the client

With the complementary combination of research methods we gained a better perspective on the Polish car wash market, but also a certainty that we had gathered reliable data from actual customers of a particular brand of car wash.
Our client received information on the behavior and preferences of car wash users in Poland, but also data on the position and image of their brand. We also analyzed our client’s competitive advantages, in order to provide them with recommendations on what steps to take next. This allowed the client to develop a long-term operational strategy and a development strategy for the local market.

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