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Customer service quality survey

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    Medical services

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    8 weeks

Client's need

Customer service in the industry of professional services, and especially in the medical tourism segment, is one of the key elements that can make or break a company’s success. Our client was acutely aware of that, and therefore commissioned PMR to examine the quality of their customer service. The main goal of the project was to gather detailed information on the quality of service provided by first contact representatives, and the quality of the medical services sales process.

Our deliverables

We completed a comprehensive research project, which included mystery shopping tests. At the initial stage, the PMR team took part in workshops which familiarized us with the intricacies of the client’s business. During those workshops, the service sales procedure was explained, which allowed our team to choose the right research tools for this particular project.
The study’s main part encompassed telephone and e-mail audits conducted by trained and experienced quality auditors. It included areas of customer service which we in cooperation with the client, such as determining customers’ expectations, evaluating communication efficiency and cross-selling ability.

Value for the client

Findings from the audits were then thoroughly analyzed, taking into account the nature of each audit, so that no hasty conclusions could be drawn. The findings, presented in the form of a summary report, indicated the strengths and weaknesses in the customer service process. Thanks to the gathered data, the client was able to prepare workshops for their employees. During those workshops, the client and the employees were able to resolve any issues, voice to their concerns and together work out a solution which would improve the quality of customer service.

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