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Revitalised commercial and service establishments in Poland: quantitative study

  • Industry

    Sales of distribution services

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  • Delivery time

    4 weeks

Client's need

A team of Research PMRers conducted a comprehensive quantitative study among customers of commercial and service establishments in Poland. The main objective of this project was an assessment of changes in revitalized commercial and service establishments. The client also wanted to know what their customers think of the quality of service, and how the changes that have been made contribute to raising the comfort level of the individual client on the premises. Another area of research was to find out whether visitors of particular establishments take advantage of additional offers.

Our deliverables

Using CAPI, we conducted 770 face-to-face interviews with regular customers. Interviews were conducted throughout Poland, which posed a significant challenge in terms of logistics and organization, but also in efficiently coordinating the work of interviewers working in over a dozen locations at the same time. Our team’s commitment and experience in handling large projects using CAPI/PAPI methods were crucial in completing the project quickly and efficiently.

Value for the client

The study allowed for a detailed assessment of the effects of revitalization of the client’s establishments. PMR provided the client with a report, which included comprehensive information on subjects the client was most eager to explore, such as: 

  • Frequency and objectives of customer visits
  • Level of satisfaction with the visit
  • Awareness and use of additional offers available in the establishments.

The study’s findings confirmed the validity of the changes made, but also allowed our client to gain a better understanding of the needs and expectations of their customers. Back to List of Projects - Research PMR