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Commercial establishments: consumer study

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    Service industry

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    10 weeks

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Client's need

A client commissioned PMR to conduct a nationwide quantitative study of Polish consumers frequenting their commercial establishments. The project’s main objective was to gain insight into the behavior and purchasing decisions of the recipients of the company’s services. In the study, the client also wished to measure the level of customer satisfaction with their services, and to find out about the unmet needs of their consumers and the associated challenges that come with expanding their offer and adapting their premises to their consumers’ needs.

Our deliverables

We conducted over 8000 face-to-face interviews with customers of nearly 150 of the company’s branches throughout Poland. This represented a major challenge in terms of organization, but the experience of our coordinators enabled us to conduct the study efficiently.

The quantitative study allowed for a detailed diagnosis of areas key for the client, such as:

  • Familiarity with the offer, as well as the manner and scope of the use of services provided by the company
  • Satisfaction with the level of customer service
  • Expectations regarding the services provided
  • Expectations regarding the functioning of the establishments
  • Preferred forms of communication.

Value for the client

The client received a detailed report on customer behavior and buying habits. Thanks to cluster analysis and affinity analysis, our client received a number of useful information which will allow them to have a better understanding of their consumers manage sales more effectively and plan their marketing activities optimally.

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