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HoReCa market in Poland – B2B and B2S survey

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    Food service: hotel restaurants, restaurants, pizzerias, fast food bars, cafés, drink bars/pubs

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    Market research agency

Research Project - HoReCa

Client's need

A team of Research PMRers carried out yet another round of research into the HoReCa market among Polish restaurants. By comparing the findings with data from previous studies, we were able to complete a comprehensive report which included information on the latest trends and changes taking place in all sectors of the HoReCa market. Particular attention was devoted to the restaurant segment (Re), which generates the highest sales.

Our deliverables

We conducted a B2B study among HoReCa establishments, and a B2C study among consumers - both those who use the services of those establishments and those who do not. The CATI survey was conducted by trained interviewers who are experienced in both B2B and B2C studies.

During the B2B stage of the study, we talked to the proprietors and managers of eating establishments. We completed a total of 600 surveys - 100 interviews for every segment of the HoReCa market:

  • Hotel restaurant
  • Restaurant
  • Pizzeria
  • Fast food bar
  • Café / tea room
  • Pub / bar / nightclub

The B2C stage was carried out on a sample of N=600 Poles, representative in terms of gender, age, education level and frequency of using HoReCa services.

Value for the client

The study’s findings included detailed information on:

  • The nature of HoReCa establishments in Poland and changes occurring in their offer
  • Profiles of customers of all types of establishments
  • Volume and sales dynamics in each HoReCa segment
  • Assessment of the current situation in the market and growth forecasts
  • Preferred profile of product suppliers, by product category 
More than half of the adult population of Poland use the services of the HoReCa sector, and as our research indicates, the nature of those visits remains unchanged. Most are ordinary, everyday meals (59%) or celebrating special occasions (57%).

PMR’s study shows that dynamically growing chains (13% of all establishments in the restaurant market) generate over 36% of sales revenue. Traditional Polish home cooking remains the dominant form of cuisine preferred by Poles (60%).

The study’s findings are a part of a comprehensive report by PMR Publications entitled: HoReCa market in Poland. Market analysis and development forecasts Back to List of Projects - Research PMR