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Market insight analysis of HoReCa sector in Poland

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Research Project - HoReCa

Client's need

For the purposes of yet another industry report on the HoReCa market, Research PMR department conducted a study of the Polish gastronomy market, focusing on the restaurant segment (Re). Then PMR Publications department published a comprehensive report based on these findings entitled HoReCa market in Poland. Market analysis and development forecasts.

Our deliverables

In order to obtain detailed data on the state of the market’s restaurant segment, both from the perspective of entrepreneurs and consumers who frequent these businesses, B2B and B2C studies were carried out.

The B2B study covered six categories of establishments:

  • hotel restaurants
  • restaurants
  • pizzerias
  • fast food bars
  • cafés and tearooms
  • pubs and bars.

B2B interviews were conducted with proprietors of these businesses (70%) or other competent staff. 100 interviews were carried out in each category. The B2C study was conducted on a representative sample of 600 adult Poles.

Value for the client

The study allowed us to gather information on the following: 

  • profile and offer of gastronomy establishments in Poland
  • size and sales dynamics
  • evaluation of the state of the gastronomy market and forecasts for the future
  • operating costs
  • alcohol consumption.

The findings indicate that half of adult Poles frequented food establishments in the 3 months prior to the study (50%), either for everyday dining (53%) or for a special occasion (49%).

Poles’ favourite cuisine remains, since, traditional Polish cuisine. 59% of customers orders it often or very often. Last year, the percentage was slightly higher (71%). Most people ordered a second course (91%).

Two thirds of food establishments (66%) serve mainly traditional Polish home cooking. One in five serves fast food (19%). Six out of ten of the businesses surveyed - restaurants, pizzerias, fast food bars, cafes and tearooms, pubs and bars - has waiter service. Half of the gastronomy establishments are located in the city centre (50%), and sales volume is strongly connected to the season of the year, according to respondents (84%).
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