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HoReCa market in Poland

  • Industry

    Restaurant segment

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  • Client type

    Service supplier

  • Delivery time

    5 weeks

Research Project - HoReCa

Client's need

Research PMRes conducted for the fourth time a survey of the Polish HoReCa market. The results are part of a larger report: "HoReCa market in Poland. Market analysis and development forecasts". This particular study examines the restaurant industry (Re), a segment of HoReCa.

Our deliverables

The survey provides detailed information on two elements of the restaurant segment: product and service suppliers as well as their consumers. Our analysis was built on two components:

1. B2B survey of restaurant managers in Poland
2. B2C survey of the behaviour and preferences of consumers who dine out.

The B2B study covered restaurants in six categories:

  1. hotel restaurant
  2. restaurant
  3. pizzeria
  4. fast food restaurant
  5. café
  6. pub/bar.
The 100 B2B interviews conducted for each category provided information for about 600 restaurants. The B2C surveys, on the other hand, covered 600 adult Polish respondents.

Value for the client

Results of the surveys followed by PMR experts' analysis allows to:

  • describe the characteristics and offers of restaurants found in Poland
  • determine the levels of their sales revenues
  • assess the situation on the restaurant market
  • estimate forecasts of the restaurant industry
  • detail the costs related to the activity
  • gain understanding of the issues related to alcohol consumption.

One in three consumers (31%) uses restaurant services at least once a week, the results show. People eat out when socialising, when meeting with friends, and – rarely – for special occasions. What this tells us, that the habits of Polish consumers in this area are changing. In Poland, people typically order alcohol with their meals, as 51% of the respondents indicated. Beer is a common choice (55% of the respondents), followed by wine (34%) and vodka or vodka drinks (10%). Just 1% of the respondents choose other alcohols such as vermouths or liqueurs.

Polish restaurants offer food and drink based mainly on traditional Polish cuisine (46%) and fast food (20%), the B2B research shows. The offer reflects consumer statements regarding the dishes they will most likely order from the menu. Back to List of Projects - Research PMR