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Testing visual materials for a shopping platform

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    Advertising agency

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    5 weeks

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Client's need

An advertising agency invited us to cooperate on a project for their client from the e-commerce business. The client was planning to launch a shopping platform, which would connect B2B partners with public entities.
The agency prepared several visual communication pathways, which included the name, logo and advertising materials. The most challenging issue was a very diverse target group, composed of subgroups with different needs and work styles. It was therefore crucial to indicate a communication pathway which would be effective and attractive to every one of the subgroups.

Our deliverables

The study was based on focus group interviews, which were adapted to the specific nature of each subgroup in terms of recruitment method, composition, group size and discussion scenarios.The same materials were presented to every group, taking into account the different needs of each of them.

Value for the client

The study’s results showed the reception reception and power of persuasion of each communication pathway for each subgroup, both separately and combined. This allowed us to give clear recommendations for choosing the right pathway, and strengths and weaknesses of individual solutions, which enabled our client to build a marketing message relevant to the target group’s needs.

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