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Market potential analysis prior to implementing a new solution for farms

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    Agricultural market

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Client's need

One of the key players in agricultural market for advanced solutions for farms was keen on entering Polish market and therefore asked PMR for a research support in making strategic business decisions. The research study’s aim was to evaluate the potential of the Polish agricultural market in the context of the client’s innovative solutions. 

Our deliverables

Research PMR team conducted 60 TDI interviews with farmers and specialists involved in the consultative process. The main purpose of these interviews was a test of concepts – the respondents ranked their functionality and their own need for these kinds of services and solutions in their day to day work. As a result, PMR team managed to select concepts which are most likely to succeed, and which cover the target group’s unmet needs. The research study was supplemented by interviews with representatives of companies which operate in the market and by desk research analysis. This approach allowed us to deliver a comprehensive analysis of the competitive environment and regulatory environment that have palpable influence over the implementation of new solutions into the Polish agriculture market. 

Value for the client

Our client received a detailed report which included a summary of the findings and answers for their key business decisions. In it, segments of the target group to which they should direct their offer on the agriculture market. The findings, recommendations and conclusions had been discussed several times with representatives of the client’s strategic departments, so that the final result of our work would meet the client’s needs fully.  

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