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Shopping centres in Kazakhstan - geomarketing analysis

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    4 weeks

Client's need

A major manufacturer of sports clothing and equipment was looking for data on the locations and offers of shopping centers in Kazakhstan, in order to conduct a geomarketing analysis. The project’s main objective was to deliver a database which would allow our client to determine market potential, major players and local competitors in individual cities and shopping centers. 

Our deliverables

In order to provide the client with a detailed database, we used both existing data on the shopping centers, and new data we acquired by visiting and inspecting them, therefore confirming the desk research data. Thanks to the desk research analysis, the PMR team was able to deliver a comprehensive database, which included the following information:
● descriptions of locations, together with additional information on the geography of the surrounding areas
● a list of tenants, with particular emphasis placed on global brands – direct competitors in key product categories.

Value for the client

The study resulted in a database, which allowed our client to verify the competitive environment in the location of existing stores, and to better plan the geographical distribution of new branches. Additionally, we delivered a report on the market in Kazakhstan, enriched by market insights, describing the role of local brands, thanks to which the client was able to draw up an effective company development strategy.

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