Professional Market Research

In search for consumer insights: an online community study with consumers of floor systems in Poland and Russia

  • Industry

    Flooring systems

  • Geographical coverage

    Central and Eastern Europe

  • Client type

    Market Research Agency

  • Delivery time

    6 weeks

Client's need

One of the major challenges that the research industry is facing today is getting to know the consumer’s real needs and expectations for a given product category, and using that real experience in effective brand building. A great tool for obtaining this type of information is a tool called an online community. It’s a community consisting of typical representatives of a target audience for a product category, where people can interact, publish visual materials, participate in discussions, and complete tasks set by the moderator. An online community implies participation over a longer period of time, which lets the participants become fully involved in the discussions and allows for obtaining creative ideas for building a marketing strategy.

A major international research agency, which was working on a project for a manufacturer of floor systems, turned to PMR CR for research support. They wanted to create an online community for consumers buying floors in Poland and Russia. The project’s main objective was to understand what factors consumers take into account when making purchase decisions, and how to build a marketing message in order to efficiently communicate with the target group.

Our deliverables

The online community study was a discussion lasting 6 weeks, during which they performed tasks set by the moderator and discussed particular topics. The community consisted of 10 respondents from each country. The discussion was led by an experienced moderator. 

In these kinds of studies, it is of extreme importance that the recruitment process is top quality and multi-stage. People invited to take part in the study must not only meet very specific criteria in terms of demographics and purchase decisions – they also need to demonstrate a creative and active attitude in discussing the chosen topics. Therefore, it’s imperative to have an experienced recruiter who will verify the communication skills of potential participants and carry out a skilful recruitment process. This enables a thriving community, with every user actively participating throughout the study.

Value for the client

As a result of the study, the client received valuable insights and creative ideas for marketing communication with their target audience. Thanks to the results, the company will be able to build a solid communications strategy, tailored to the needs of local consumers in Poland and Russia.

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