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Construction chemicals in Poland. Market value and structure.

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    Construction chemicals

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Research Project - construction market

Client's need

A group of manufacturers of construction chemicals in Poland decided to set up an association, inspired by similar entities around Western Europe. The goal was to help the associated companies obtain relevant market data. The construction chemicals manufacturers wanted to obtain information on market size and structure, and to verify whether the actions and investments of members of the association translate into tangible business profits.

Our deliverables

Together with the association we developed a model for acquisition, processing and feedback data transmission concerning the value and volume of production in key product categories, so that each participant would have equal access to the information, while still maintaining their data’s confidentiality. Before the project took off, the data gathering process was assessed for compliance with Polish legal regulations.  

Value for the client

We have been supplying the association members with quarterly data for over three years. The individual reports (which include both qualitative and quantitative data) give them a better picture of how their shares in particular product categories compare to the entirety of the market. Because companies participating in the project account for over 95% of production in the construction chemicals segment, the reports constitute the most comprehensive item of information on the market. Quarterly intervals allow not only to track the dynamics, but also the seasonality of the market, and allow for the manufacturers to see changes going on in the construction chemicals market.  

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