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The Polish construction sector is recovering from a crisis – PMR Construction Climate Indicator

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Research Project - construction market

Client's need

PMR conducted yet another survey among major companies operating in the Polish construction market. The survey was essential to the development of PMR’s report „Construction sector in Poland. Development forecasts”. The study’s main objective was to diagnose the current state of the Polish construction sector, its growth prospects and analysing its individual segments.

Our deliverables

Participants were companies from the list of 200 largest companies in the Polish construction market. We conducted interviews with high-level employees (e.g directors, managers and owners), mainly from the sales and marketing departments. The interviews were conducted using CATI. By choosing the right sample we were able to gain insight into the entirety of the Polish construction sector.

One of the study’s biggest advantages was using the PMR Construction Climate Indicator, which shows changes that have been taking place in the Polish construction market.

Value for the client

An analysis of the findings enabled us to diagnose the following:

● current state of the Polish construction industry
● prospects for development of each sector
● the companies’ current financial and staffing situation
● barriers and factors facilitating operations in the construction market
● the companies’ financial dynamics
● the companies’ financial forecasts for the coming years
● assessment of the order portfolio based on the value of completed projects
● level of investment of these companies
● competitor analysis in the construction industry

The survey’s finding indicate that the Polish construction sector is beginning to recover from a crisis. The PMR Construction Climate Indicator is showing growth for the first time since September, with the largest growth recorded in the civil engineering segment. An analysis of the responses of company representatives also confirms that the state of the construction sector is gradually improving.

The survey also provided data on the participation of Polish construction companies in projects co-financed by the European Union and the assessment of the impact of investments within the framework of the EU budget. Other issues raised in the study were the scale of payment gridlock and the practice of using dumping prices.

A continuity in obtaining data on the construction sector in Poland allows us to compare results over time and observe trend dynamics.

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