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Demand for logistics services: B2B study

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    Logistics provider

Client's need

Our client – a company providing logistics solutions – was planning a new investment in Poland. Before making the final decision regarding the location, the company wanted to learn more about the logistical needs of potential new customers.

Our deliverables

The study’s subject matter and the unique vocabulary used in logistics proved to be a challenge, even for our experienced interviewers. Therefore, before launching the project, we held workshops with the client, in order the ensure that the study is carried out flawlessly. During the workshops our interviewers were able to gain a better understanding of the subject and the client’s goals. This enabled PMR’s researchers to efficiently conduct CATI interviews with persons dealing with logistics and freight forwarding in Polish companies.

Value for the client

As a result of the study, the client received detailed data on the number of shipments carried out by Polish companies in a given year, broken down by region, size and type of shipment. Furthermore, we delivered information on the main selection criteria for logistics services providers.
This allowed our client to make an informed decision on their investment’s location, but also to get a better understanding of the expectations of potential customers and adjust their offer accordingly.

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