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Analysis of the pre-packed vegetables segment in Poland

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    Grocery market

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    5 weeks

Research Project - retail and FMCG

Client's need

The study’s aim was to perform a comprehensive analysis of the vegetable market, which would allow to implement an optimal marketing strategy in order to intensify sales and adjust the offer to the needs of the Polish consumer.

At the request of our client, a leading producer of pre-packaged vegetables, PMR conducted a quantitative study among Polish households. The consumer survey was part of an advisory project, thanks to which our client could achieve a better understanding of the behaviours and needs of Polish consumers regarding the purchase of products that are not yet popular in Poland.

Our deliverables

In order to explore the market’s potential and the main barriers in consumption of new products, PMR conducted a nationwide poll on decision-makers in a sample of households. This made it possible to get a picture of how much vegetables are purchased by households in general, rather than of individual consumers.

500 CATI (computer-assisted telephone interviews) were conducted. The questionnaire, prepared by PMR analysts, included a number of questions concerning decision-making factors and shopping habits pertaining to purchasing pre-packed vegetables, as well as key factors informing the lack of trust in these kinds of products.

Value for the client

The study produced detailed information about Polish consumers’ behaviours and identified their needs taking into account demographic characteristics.

As a part of our study we provided the client with an analysis of the following issues:

  • availability of products in a variety of sales channels
  • popularity of products and preferred place of purchase
  • nutritional and shopping habits for vegetables
  • complementarity of products in similar categories
  • support mechanisms and main motivators of purchase
  • buying barriers.
The study was a part of a comprehensive advisory project and allowed us to expand on the knowledge gathered in the report delivered by the consulting devision of PMR. The client received a report which provided excellent decision-making support, supplemented by recommendations crucial in making strategic business decisions. 
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