International Experience

Market research to support new branding strategy of a retail chain

  • Industry

    Retail and FMCG

  • Geographical coverage


  • Client type

    Retail chain

  • Delivery time

    8 weeks

Research Project - retail and FMCG

Client's need

Our client, a branding agency, requested support in preparing a new branding strategy for a retail chain. They asked PMR to help them collect and interpret relevant data from the market to evaluate their client’s current brand position against the competitive landscape, as well as to identify key threats and opportunities for the brand that would need to be incorporated into the new strategy.

Our deliverables

Based on detailed consultations with the client, we decided to apply an approach which would incorporate 3 separate levels of market reality:

  • General market in Poland, in order to have a complete overview of the competitive environment
  • Client’s locations, in order to fully analyse the client’s performance against competition in locations where they are currently present
  • Employees' perspective, to see which internal issues can be obstacles in better performance of the retail chain.
Each stage was carried out using different methodology, but all of them were designed to complement each other.

Value for the client

PMR has delivered the results both to the branding agency and to the end client directly. The research findings will become the foundation for the development of a new branding strategy. Based on the results and following additional workshops with the client, the branding agency will develop a roadmap to market success for the end client. The project was another example of PMR’s successful cooperation with a branding agency, where our research expertise has been combined with the agency’s strategic recommendations.

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