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The Polish market of sandwich and salad bars

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    Food production

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    5 weeks

Research Project - HoReCa, retail and FMCG

Client's need

The objective of this project was to gain insight into the Polish sandwich and salad bar market, paying particular attention to the product needs of bar operators and the extent to which they are met by the client’s portfolio, communication with operators, and the supply (distribution) model.

It was important to define the optimum Route to Market for our client within the sandwich and salad bar sector. The purpose of survey groups defined within the project was as follows:

  • to determine which products the competition has that the client does not,
  • to determine what products are absent from the market in spite of a need for them,
  • to estimate the quantities of various SKU (Stock Keeping Units) on the market compared to our client’s SKU portfolio,
  • to estimate the potential of the sandwich and salad bar market in terms of trends and value.

Our deliverables

Based on interviews with bars operators, we prepared a final report including:

  • an executive summary and market overview, in order to provide our client with the most important information about the structure, size and value of the Polish market of sandwich and salad bars,
  • visualizations of the route to market – dashboards, that clearly present the flow of products including the range and prices.

Value for the client

Based on market trends and opinions of bar operators our client was able to prepare a strategy for the company unit responsible for the sandwich and salad bars market in Poland. Knowledge of product selection criteria and brand preferences helped to define the most important channels for the distribution plan. Armed with this knowledge, including the road to market limitations, our client was able to take decisions on matters such as packaging size.

Menu analysis provided our client with an optimal split of different products based on the preferred channel of distribution. This proved very useful in understanding the various different profiles of sandwich and salad bars.

We also provided our client with ideas on how to support plans for introducing sandwiches and salads onto the menu.

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