Methodologies PMR


Selection of the right research technique(s) is one of the key factors deciding the methodological rationale of the research and subsequent analysis. Each of the individual techniques used to obtain data is linked to specific analysis and interpretation processes. Not every technique can be used to transpose the results obtained directly onto the pool of research subjects. A research technique and, subsequently, the research sample, should be defined with the research objectives firmly in mind.

It is increasingly common for researchers and academics to combine multiple techniques within a single research project (Mixed-Mode Data Collection). This approach helps to reduce mistakes and inconsistencies that can arise due to the sample’s structure, population coverage and absence of responses.

Each data collection technique has its strengths and weaknesses. Devoting sufficient time to selecting the right techniques during the research preparation phase will help eliminate mistakes during the measurement and analysis stages.

We use tried-and-tested methodologies that have helped deliver results for a wide and diverse range of clients. Some of our techniques include: