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Face-to-face in-depth interviews with online consumers in Poland

  • Industry

    Antivirus website

  • Geographical coverage


  • Client type

    Website producer

Client's need

Our client is a company located in Moscow offering website creation and support services.
The client lacked information regarding online consumer behaviour in Poland, payment methods, language aspects etc. Main business goals were to identify gaps in current version of the website and to modify it considering needs of the target audience.

Our deliverables

In order to solve business issues of the client we conducted 12 F2F IDIs in central location in Warsaw. The main challenge we faced was that the tested version of the website was not final so we needed to give comments to the client in online mode during the interviews. The professionalism of our moderators made it possible to provide first results to the client after two days from fieldwork finish.

Value for the client

The results provided by PMR team, which consisted of both moderators and project manager, helped the client to make important changes in the tested version of the website, to better understand peculiarities of online behaviour in Poland and to expand their business to a new country. The report and PMR recommendations were very useful during building the market entry strategy in Poland.

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