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Customer satisfaction in after-sales services

  • Industry

    IT and telecom

  • Geographical coverage


  • Client type

    IT services

  • Delivery time

    8 weeks

Research Project - IT and telecommunications

Client's need

Our client, one of the leading internet service providers in Central and Eastern Europe, commissioned PMR to examine their customers’ satisfaction with services provided by the company’s Customer Service department. The specific objectives of this project pertained to customer satisfaction in four key areas:

  • The Customer Service department’s efficiency
  • Offer
  • Service
  • Brand image

Our deliverables

PMR conducted both a qualitative and a quantitative study. The qualitative study’s main goal was to define and determine the satisfaction indicators which are important to customers of ISPs. We interviewed not only customers, but also the client’s employees of various levels.

During the following stage, we interviewed customers (N=300) using CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interviews). The interviews concerned satisfaction levels in areas key for the client, and an assessment of the company’s image.

Value for the client

The research approach we applied allowed of to define the crucial factors affecting customer satisfaction, and in the following stages of the study – enabled us to analyse in great detail the levels of satisfaction with services provided by the Customer Service department. The findings helped our client to get a better understanding of their customers’ needs in terms of after-sales service, as well as to assess the brand’s position on the market and compare it to competing companies.

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