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Concept testing and product testing in the small medical equipment segment

  • Industry

    Medical devices production

  • Geographical coverage


  • Client type

    Manufacturer of medical devices

Client's need

A pharmaceutical company, which offers many medical products, including small medical equipment for people with diabetes, asked PMR for support in testing a new product concept. The study’s aim was to better understand the users’ need and perfecting the product according to their expectations.  

Our deliverables

PMR’s research team used an array of qualitative research techniques, gathering data from both patients and medical staff. The study included focus groups (FGIs) with patients who use different medical products in the researched category. Additionally, individual in-depth interviews (IDIs) were conducted with nurses who take care of diabetic patients. The interviews included learning about the users’ daily habits, the purchasing process and purchase barriers, as well as concept testing of the new product. Additionally, in-home tests were conducted, in which patients tested the small medical equipment offered by our client and compared it to  the products they currently use.

PMR Medical Panel was the basis of our research and allowed us to reach the client’s chosen target group swiftly and cost-effectively.

Value for the client

The study’s findings allowed PMR to deliver recommendations on the communication message directed at patients and medical staff, which will help the client’s product to stand out in the market and overcome purchasing barriers.

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