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Optimising communication strategy on the Polish vaccines market - a qualitative research study

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    Polish vaccines market

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    Market research agency

Research Project - medical and pharmaceutical market

Client's need

An international company, with which PMR has a long history of cooperation, asked us for support in qualitative research in Poland with regard to vaccines used against a specific virus. The client’s aim was to develop useful and effective information materials for doctors, which would be tailored to their needs.

Our deliverables

As part of the project, we have completed a series of in-depth interviews (IDI) with paediatricians and gynaecologists in Poland’s largest cities. Thanks to PMR Medical Panel,we were quickly able to reach the target group of specialists which our client required, what allowed us to complete the project faster and at a reduced cost.We gathered information on currently used vaccines and their potential use in the future. Individual interviews allowed us to determine differences between paediatricians and gynaecologists in terms of recommending vaccines, and messages which have the greatest impact on physicians. Concepts tests allowed us to select the key messages, which should be included in the information materials about the product.

Value for the client

The report from the research project included a description of current and potential uses for the vaccines in the future, for both gynaecologists and paediatricians. By providing a comprehensive analysis of messages aimed at doctors, we helped the client to make a decision as to what kind of information should be found in the materials. As a result, the client can optimize the communication strategy for their product so that it matches the target group’s needs.

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