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Polish consumer and business attitudes towards insurance services: focus group interviews with consumers and mystery shopping at companies from the financial sector

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    Financial and insurance services

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    6 weeks

Research Project - financial services and banking

Client's need

A global insurance company was planning to enter the Polish market, which is attractive because of its high growth potential. Therefore, the company commissioned PMR to conduct a study among individual and business clients, in order to identify their needs for insurance services. The study’s main objective was to indicate segments in which insurance is most popular, and to deliver information on insurance services offered by the biggest players in the Polish market.

Our deliverables

We conducted 12 focus group interviews in two locations. For the purposes of this study, we divided the consumers into 3 segments, based on the type of insurance product used:

  • Corporate insurance
  • Property insurance
  • Savings insurance

The study helped determine the level of knowledge of consumers of insurance products regarding the provided services, and to deliver answers on motivation behind choosing a particular insurance offer, policy purchase channels and the decision-making process. 
Furthermore, using mystery shopping, we conducted several dozen visits to financial institutions and insurance companies. This process revealed the strengths and weaknesses of customer service at competing companies. In order to increase the survey’s reliability, the mystery shopping was carried out by trained and experienced researchers.

Thanks to our team’s efficient work, we managed to recruit a large number of B2B and B2C respondents in a relatively short time. What is more, our client was able to observe every discussion and modify the structure of the scenario after every interview based on the findings from the study.

By combining several research methods we acquired new information which significantly enriches the current state of knowledge of the insurance market in Poland.

Value for the client

The study’s findings enabled the client to make strategic business decisions regarding entering the Polish insurance market and their chosen segments with high growth potential.
Thanks to detailed data on the offers of the biggest players in the Polish insurance market, the company will be able to tailor their offer of insurance services to the expectations of local consumers, and create and offer which will anticipate their competitors’ moves, while at the same time covering the unmet needs of consumers.

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