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PMR Research

PMR ResearchPMR Research is a market intelligence company offering a full range of market and marketing research services. Drawing on vast experience of conducting market research in Central and Eastern Europe since 1995, PMR Research regularly carries out multi-country projects often simultaneously in many countries at the same time. Our unique combination of in-house analyses, data and forecasts together with our research and consulting expertise brings solid actionable recommendations from our 300 projects run annually.

PMR Research

PMR Customer Commitment

Our CommitmentHelping our customers make informed decisions that will bring about real business benefit is our goal. Our competencies and experience can be of use to both large international organisations and small enterprises alike. For us, providing the highest quality research services and customer service is a source of professional satisfaction.

Our Commitment

Our team

PMR Specialists PMR Research’s key asset is its people. We firmly believe that the quality of projects carried out by our company and the level of customer satisfaction achieved is a direct reflection of our commitment to employing highly skilled people with broad experience. We understand the importance of the information provided to our client and we understand the competitive environments in which they operate. With this in mind, we strive to continuously improve our skills base, further develop our methodologies and expand our knowledge.

PMR Specialists


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