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How are Polish patients suffering from primary immunodeficiencies treated? Marketing message testing with Polish doctors

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    Pharmaceutical industry

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    International Research Agency

Research Project - medical and pharmaceutical market

Client's need

Our client wanted to conduct interviews with doctors of various specialties treating a rare group of disorders – primary immunodeficiencies. The aim of the study was to identify the treatment paths of Polish patients, to determine the level of access to medicines, and to determine the level of knowledge of Polish doctors regarding innovative therapies. The client also wanted to present a concept of an innovative medical preparation and ask respondents for its verification regarding the communication needs of Polish doctors.

Our deliverables

The PMR research team recruited immunologists, allergists and pulmonologists who treat adults and pediatric patients suffering from primary immunodeficiencies. Respondents had to make decisions about treatment choice and have extensive knowledge of both intravenous and subcutaneous immunoglobulin therapy. In addition to that, they had to treat patients taking different routes of infusion.

Respondents were invited to participate in in-depth web-assisted TDI interviews. This way, we presented and asked to evaluate the client’s product concepts. An in-depth interview over the internet allows you to present visual material while reducing the time and cost of commuting to respondents, which is especially important when dealing with a scattered target audience.

Value for the client

Thanks to the knowledge provided by the PMR team, the client acquired information on the Polish medical market in terms of patient treatment and administrative procedures for rare diseases. In addition, the client received comprehensive information about the assessment of the concept of the medical product by Polish doctors, so that the company will be able to fully adapt their marketing communications to the needs of local decision-makers.

Client's opinion

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