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Polish consumers and online payments: consumer behavior study into the e-commerce market in Poland

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Research Project - retail and FMCG

Client's need

PMR conducted yet another round of research into the e-commerce market in Poland. The study’s main objective was to identify the motives behind shopping online, and to indicate the product categories that were purchased most often by Polish consumers in 2015. This year, thanks to a unique combination of research methods, we conducted a segmentation of e-commerce sector consumers that resulted in delivering useful sociodemographic information on customers of online shops.  

Our deliverables

The study consisted of two complementary stages. During the first stage, we conducted a CAWI interview on a sample of 1000 adult internet users who have previously shopped online. During the second stage, we were able to get even more accurate information by conducting CATI interviews among 250 adult residents of Poland.
The use of a combination of quantitative methods allowed us to segment consumers in the e-commerce market.

Value for the client

The study’s findings show that the use of a payment cards is higher than in previous years, although cash on delivery is still popular. In terms of delivery, courier services dominate (61%), there is however a noticeable decline of this form of service, with the growing popularity of parcel machines (18%) and postal delivery (16%).  
Information included in the report provide a unique type of data on e-commerce consumers in the Polish market. PMR’s report will be a great resource for companies who are operating (or are looking to operate) in the e-commerce market. It will allow to tailor the marketing offer to consumer needs, and to design products aimed at the most promising customer segment with the greatest purchasing power.
The full report (as well as additional analyses) is entitled “Online retail market in Poland 2015”.

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