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Analysis of the HoReCa market in Russia

  • Industry

    Food service: hotel restaurants, restaurants, pizzerias, fast food bars, cafés, drink bars/pubs

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    Market research agency

Research Project - HoReCa

Client's need

In 2014, the HoReCa market study conducted every year by the PMR Research team for the first time covered the Russian market. The main goal of the project was to analyze the restaurant segment (Re) in Russia and acquire detailed data on the operations of restaurants and hotel restaurants, pizzerias, fast food restaurants, bars and pubs. The results were presented in a report by PMR Publications department HoReCa market in Russia in 2014.

Our deliverables

We completed 600 CATI interviews with proprietors and managerial staff of Russian eateries. Random selection of respondents was possible thanks to the access to the B2B database of one of Russia’s leading data suppliers. Sample size for a particular type of business was varied.

Value for the client

The study’s findings supplemented the industry analysis in the report by PMR Publications department with the following data:

  • location and opening hours of establishments
  • value of receipts
  • impact of seasonality on turnover
  • types of cuisine
  • accepted payment method
  • additional services, e.g. home delivery
  • loyalty programs
  • assessment of the industry’s state in 2013 and 2014 and forecasts for 2015
  • barriers to doing business in the gastronomic industry
  • most popular businesses according to respondents
  • spending on groceries, including beverages and alcohol.

Examples of information included in the report:
  • The average amount of money spent at a Russian eatery is 812 RUB (19 EURO).
  • The highest receipts were issued at restaurants – 997 RUB (24 EURO), while the lowest in pizzerias – 489 RUB (12 EURO), however pizzerias issued the highest number of receipts in one day (81).
  • The dominant type of cuisine is European (66%), followed by traditional Russian cuisine (35%).
  • A vast majority of businesses have alcoholic beverages in their menu (86%). Almost all of those serve hard liquor with alcohol content 15% or over (92%), and three quarters also offer alcoholic beverages under 15% (77%). 
In the publication HoReCa market in Russia in 2014 you will also find chapters on macroeconomic data and opinions of PMR analysts on the entire HoReCa market.

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