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Marcin Rzepka comments on Polish grocery market at TVN CNBC

Marcin Rzepka comments on Polish grocery market at TVN CNBC
Marcin Rzepka, head of PMR Research Services, was invited to TVN CNBC for a debate concerning the current situation on the grocery retail market in Poland. During the broadcast, he shared PMR’s latest data and forecasts.

PMR experts have estimated the value of the Polish grocery market in 2012 to be PLN 230.6 bn. That means 2.5% growth year on year, which in comparison with 9% growth year on year for the whole retail sector, is a considerably lower outcome. Commenting on the results, Marcin highlighted the growth of interest in smart shopping ideas among Polish consumers, who are rationalising their expenses. This tendency is expressed in the growing popularity of discount stores, at which 40% of Poles already shop with regularity. According to PMR data, the density of discount stores in Poland equals 77 stores per one million inhabitants. Marcin acknowledged that this indicator may rise to 100 stores per million in 2015.

The whole interview in Polish language can be viewed here.
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