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Understanding the perspective of decision makers in the Polish pharmaceutical market: in-depth interviews on hematological drugs

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    Market Research Agency

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    4 weeks

Research Project - medical and pharmaceutical market

Client's need

Our client – an international research agency specializing in the medical sector – asked the PMR Consulting & Research team for research support in completing a project on innovative haematological therapies. The aim of the study was to understand the decision process behind the implementation of a particular therapy on a local and regional level, and to find out how to increase the effectiveness of sales operations in the Polish healthcare system. The client also wanted to present a marketing concept of an authorised drug, to get feedback from decision makers.

Our deliverables

We completed a series of individual in-depth interviews (IDIs) with opinion leaders and representatives of the NFZ (National Health Fund). During the interviews, we discussed in detail the factors determining the choice of a particular therapy on a national level. Respondents were also presented with a marketing concept of an existing product, and were asked to indicate its most evocative and effective aspects in terms of marketing (and those which need improvement) in order to strengthen the marketing message.   

Thanks to our team’s considerable experience in conducting research, we were able to reach a very demanding target group and successfully complete the recruitment process in a short time. Crucial here was the role of a moderator who knows the local context and can skilfully lead discussions which require expert knowledge. PMR’s team of experienced moderators has completed numerous projects in the medical sector, ensuring that moderation is carried out professionally.

Value for the client

The client received detailed information on the Polish healthcare system, which will allow the company to increase the success rate of their sales operations. Valuable recommendations on the drug’s concept will be used during the planning of the development strategy.

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