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New drug potential: qualitative interviews with doctors

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    Market Research Agency

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    2 weeks

Research Project - medical and pharmaceutical market

Client's need

A global pharmaceutical company wanted to introduce an innovative drug for pediatric patients to the Polish market. For this purpose, in cooperation with an international research agency, we prepared a qualitative study among physicians from various fields. The primary objectives of this project was to determine the potential of the new drug, define the attitudes of Polish doctors to the innovative dosing method, and to indicate any potential barriers.

Our deliverables

A team of PMR researchers conducted a series of focus group interviews with doctors of various specialization in a few locations. During those meetings we discussed Polish patients’ courses of treatment and the key problems Polish doctors struggle with then treating pediatric patients. Furthermore, we assessed the new drug’s profile.

An additional benefit of this project was that the client was able to observe the interviews from the observation room (a room with a one-way mirror) and to influence the discussion. Thanks to a live webstream from the discussion room, several project teams from different countries were able to view the interviews.

Thanks to our team’s considerable experience, the recruitment process was completed swiftly.

Value for the client

The client received a report containing a detailed analysis of Polish doctors’ attitudes towards treating pediatric patients, divided into medical specialties. The report highlighted crucial areas which could pose a barrier to widespread prescribing and use of the drug. Furthermore, a detailed assessment of the product’s profile helped the client to modify the marketing message so that it meets the needs of all target groups (doctors of a given specializations and the patient’s parents or guardians).

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