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Roofing materials market in Poland

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    Roofing sector

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    Market intelligence provider

  • Delivery time

    8 weeks

Research Project - construction market

Client's need

PMR Research completed a project on the roofing materials market in Poland, the results of which are part of the report „Roofing materials market in Poland 2014. Development forecasts for 2014-2020”. The study’s aim was to analyse the structure of the roofing market, technologies used, and latests trends in two segments: flat and pitched roofs.

Our deliverables

The study was conducted on a sample of companies specializing in the construction and maintenance of roofs. We conducted a total of 300 CATI interviews with decision-makers on the subjects of the work and investment carried out by their companies. Data collected during the survey allows us to compare results relating to each type of roofing.

Value for the client

The survey and data analysis allowed us to gain insight into:

  • most popular roofing technologies and latest trends in the market
  • roofing materials places of supply
  • leading brands of windows and skylights
  • most often used brands of thermal insulation materials, rain gutters and outlet pipes
  • leading brands of liquid waterproofing and solar collectors

The report also includes a ranking of the top rated brands of materials for flat and pitched roofs in terms of value for money, information on recommended products and structure of distribution networks.

As the analysis shows, representatives of the companies surveyed predict an increase in the popularity of solar roof tiles and titanium zinc sheeting for pitched roofs. When it comes to flat roof materials, an increase can be observed in the popularity of EPDM membranes, as well as green roofs and modified bitumen felt.

Comparing results on the use of flat and pitched roofs allowed us to identify the biggest differences between those two segments of the roofing market.

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