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Public hospitals market in Poland

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Research Project - medical and pharmaceutical market

Client's need

PMR conducted the fifth edition of the study on the public hospitals market in Poland. The results from the previous editions clearly indicate the lack of growth drivers in the sector as prevailing and still present tendency. The publication is a comprehensive analysis of public hospitals sector in Poland.

Our deliverables

The survey we conducted used the CATI technique (computer-assisted telephone interviews) and it covered 200 interviews. Our respondents represented the executive personnel of public hospitals. The major objective of the research was to investigate current situation and conditions in the public hospitals market as well as defining its key growth barriers and drivers, taking into consideration plans of transformations in the public hospital segment. The questionnaire was designed to enable precise illustration of public hospitals transformation into non-public ones in the following years. It also aimed at specifying the level of funding for the public sector by the National Health Fund.

Value for the client

The report contains an overview of the public segment and its specific features as well as commercialisation plans, and a comparative analysis of public hospital services saturation in Polish voivodships and large cities. It also includes profiles of the largest public hospitals in Poland considering essential data (e.g. number of beds, specialisations).
The results allowed us to outline such issues as:

  • assesment of current conditions and situation in the public hospitals sector
  • key growth barriers and drivers
  • planned investments.
The PMR's publication is a comprehensive source of information on public hospital services saturation in regions. It also illustrates capability for development in selected specialisations.

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