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Hepatitis C treatment in Poland – new drug concept test

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    Market research agency

  • Delivery time

    3 weeks

Research Project - medical and pharmaceutical market

Client's need

One of the leading global pharmaceutical company was planning to introduce in the market new product for the treatment of Hepatitis C. They were interested in examining the uptake and adoption of their potential product across different patient types.

Our deliverables

We have conducted a series of in-depth interviews (IDIs) with healthcare professionals who manage patients with Hepatitis C in Poland. We spoke to gastroenterologists, hepatologists and infectious diseases specialists. During each interview we discussed the Hepatitis C treatment landscape and presented product information for three products in development.

Value for the client

Applied methodology allowed us to gather impressions of agents in development for the treatment of Hepatitis C. We managed to identify the most important advantages of the products and factors that could pose a barrier to the agents. Discussions helped us understand how therapy may evolve in the coming years. Research results allowed our client to better understand local market and thus prepare more effective launch strategy for their product.

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