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Market study of the car industry

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    4 weeks

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Client's need

PMR’s experience includes research projects focused on difficult research samples. An international research agency, PMR’s partner, carried out a study of the car industry in Poland. The project involved people who lived in the largest Polish cities, belonged to the highest income categories, and had recently purchased a new car or were planning such a purchase soon after.

Our deliverables

PMR succeeded in conducting 300 telephone interviews with the target group, which covered less than 1% of the Polish population. Carrying out interviews on a sample this size, with very low penetration of the target group in the population, required the use of a number of recruitment techniques. PMR used consumer databases, local recruitment, and snowball sampling.

Value for the client

These recruitment strategies made it possible to collect a quota sample with a detailed structure distribution, which in turn allowed for comparisons with other waves of the study, conducted in Poland in previous years.

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