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Marketing communication test for a paediatric vaccine in Poland

  • Industry

    Paediatric vaccination

  • Geographical coverage


  • Client type

    Market research agency

  • Delivery time

    4 weeks

Research Project - medical and pharmaceutical market

Client's need

PMR has conducted another research study in the area of paediatric vaccines. The key purpose of the study was to test a set of headlines and messages, in order to choose the most powerful and convincing ones to be further used in marketing communication against the product’s main competitor.

Our deliverables

PMR conducted a qualitative research study among paediatricians to fully explore the potential of each message idea, as well as their best composition and order to make a compelling story. Several physicians were invited to participate in FGIs (Focus Groups Interviews). During creativity groups respondents were asked to co-create headlines and messages with the moderator. The advantage of interviews being held in a viewing facility was the fact that client could observe the interviews directly and was able to influence the flow of the interviews from one interview to another.

Value for the client

The interviews made it clearer for the client which communication routes should be further developed and which messages should be improved or disregarded in order to stay strong against the product’s competitors.

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