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Labour cost forecasts for Poland and EU15

  • Industry

    HR services

  • Geographical coverage


  • Client type

    Service provider

  • Delivery time

    4 weeks

Research Project - other industries

Client's need

One of the biggest HR companies in Poland that offers comprehensive support for business, was planning to introduce a new service onto the HR market. In order to prepare a development strategy for this service, the client needed to discover the answers to the questions about the market saturation level, the main players, as well as the growth change over the recent years.

Our deliverables

In order to gain the widest possible overview of business environment, client ordered labour cost forecasts.Based on the desk research methodology, i.e. the analysis of the existing data, we were able to collect a lot of comprehensive data about the market, its key players, the economic and legal environment, as well as the challenges in the coming years.

The goal of the analysis was to prepare, among others, short-term forecasts (in a 2-year perspective) as well as long term ones (in 10 years perspective). The forecasts were based on historical data that included diverse economic and labour market indicators. Statistical data were gathered from public statistical sources, as well as from commercial info brokers.

Value for the client

All the analyses formed a part of a report, whose structure had been agreed with the clients in terms of the best possible solution for the client’s needs.

Forecasts prepared by PMR allowed the client to make a decision whether to introduce a new service to the market. The results of analyses provided useful information about the labour market and labour market mechanisms, with particular reference to the most promising industries from the client’s point of view.

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