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Syndicate benchmark study among concrete admixtures producers

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    Concrete admixtures

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    1 week each quarter

Research Project - construction market

Client's need

Our client, an association of concrete admixtures manufacturers operating in Poland - Polish Association of Manufacturers of Construction Chemicals - turned to PMR with request to monitor value and volume of concrete admixtures at Polish market. One of the objects of the association is to provide their members with knowledge about the market to enhance their individual performance as well as development of the whole sector.

Our deliverables

PMR - as the objective and independent research company - has been requested to develop the system of data collection, analysis and reporting the results. Special care has been devoted to secure the system of information exchange and flow to protect confidential data of our client.

Due to project settlements, quarterly data is being collected, analysed and sent to client. As a result each member of association receives personalized report, including info of total market volume and value as well as broken into product categories. Additionally, reports include market share of particular company, to whose the report is dedicated. Dynamics (changes of the market indicators over the time) are being reported as well.

Value for the client

Based on the quarterly reports prepared by PMR Researchers, our client is able to monitor changes on the market in total as well as in selected product categories and benchmark to this values performance of their companies. This knowledge allows our client to build business strategy and adopt it to dynamic situation in the sector.

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