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Focus groups and face-to-face interviews for a global pharmaceuticals company

Research Project - medical and pharmaceutical market
In January 2006, PMR Research was commissioned by a global pharmaceuticals company to conduct a market research study. The aim of the study was to explore a particular segment of the OTC product market in order to determine the possibilities for launching this product category on the Polish market.

The study consisted of two parts:
  • Qualitative part – 2 focus groups with consumers (carried out in Warsaw in January 2006).
  • Quantitative part – 150 face-to-face interviews with pharmacists (carried out in Krakow, Katowice and Warsaw, in February 2006).
The main aims of the study included:
  • Consumer behaviour patterns and attitudes, factors influencing consumer purchase decisions, brand awareness, image and perception of the brand, advantages and disadvantages of different OTC product types, distribution alternatives, pharmacists opinions and attitudes toward the OTC product.
After each part of the study a separate report was prepared. We also delivered to the client a final report including the results of two parts of the study and recommendations.

PMR Research is a full service agency providing services at all stages of research projects; from questionnaire design through fieldwork to data analysis. We can be a single point of contact for multinational projects saving your time and guaranteeing the same high quality and consistency of deliverables. We are fluent in the following areas of research in Central and Eastern Europe:
  • international research,
  • B2B and consumer surveys,
  • central location tests,
  • healthcare research using proprietary physicians’ and pharmacists’ PMR Medical Panel,
  • brand awareness studies using our PMR Brand Image methodology,
  • name, package and product testing,
  • competition & segmentation studies,
  • comprehensive industry analyses using PMR Market Insight methodology.
Please contact us with your questions and requests on:
tel. (+48 12) 201 34 60

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